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Mass Intention (Offering)


1. PayNow / Email

2. Cheque

3. Mass Intention Envelope

The cutoff for all the Mass Intentions is on Sunday. Please submit early (at least TWO week in advance) in order for the names to be published on the bulletin. (Check the bulletin for the Mass offering period).

Please call the Parish Office at 67379285 if you need clarification.


Step 1: Instructions on PayNow

1. UEN: T08CC4031F

2. Check the name is Church of the Sacred Heart

3. Key in amount. (S$10 per name per Mass per intention for the Mass Stipend)

4. Reference: Stipend-Your Name (Name that match the email)

Step 2: Send an email to and include the following information:

1) Name of the intended recipient

2) Purpose: Thanksgiving / Soul / Special Intention

3) Preferred date and time of the Mass (Pls indicate)

4) Name & contact number

5) Attach a screenshot of your successful PayNow transaction details

Do note that there is a minimum stipend of S$10 per name per Mass per intention that we receive. We may contact you by phone or email if the need arises.


Mass intentions send by post. (provide information as above step 2)

Cheque can be made payable to:

Church of the Sacred Heart

Mail to:

Church of the Sacred Heart

111 Tank Road

Singapore 238069


Enclosed the Mass Stipend and drop the Mass intentions envelopes in the donation box in

the Church.

*** For accounting purpose, if you are using the envelopes, please put cash Stipend into the

envelopes. Please do you use PayNow.

If you wish to use PayNow, please EMAIL the Mass Intention to ****

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