Mass Intentions Through PayNow - UEN: T08CC4031F

To offer a Mass, send an email to and include the following information:

1) Full name of the intended recipient

2) Purpose: Thanksgiving / Soul / Special Intention

3) Preferred date and time of the Mass

4) Full name of the requester

5) Contact number of the requester

6) Attach a screenshot of your successful PayNow transaction details

Please type "Mass Stipend - Full Name of Requester" in the transaction reference field. (For example: Mass Stipend - John Tan".) The requester’s name should match the email.

Do note that there is a minimum stipend of S$10 per name per Mass per intention that we receive. We may contact you by phone or email if the need arises.

Step 1: Select bank transfer

Step 2: Key in Parish UEN # T08CC4031F

Step 3: Check Name – Church of The Sacred Heart

Step 4: Key in amount

Step 5: Key in Ref - Mass Stipend - Full Name of Requester