Booking of Mass for December 2021

If there are changes due to unforeseen circumstances, it will be announced by the archdiocese at


The booking for Masses in December will be made available on Tuesday from 3pm onwards.

1. 23 Nov - 1st weekend Mass booking & 5 weekday Mass booking except Christmas Eve (24 Dec) & Christmas Day (25 Dec).

2. 30 Nov – 2nd booking for any balance Weekend & 5 weekday Masses.

3. 7 Dec – 3rd booking for any balance Weekend & 5 weekday Masses

4. 14 Dec – 4th booking for the reminder Weekend & any weekday Masses

Sunday 10.00 a.m. Mass is for fully Vaccinated/PET parishioners

Booking for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day Masses

Will be made available on 14 December, Tuesday, 3pm

Please note that this is a SEPARATE booking from the usual Mass bookings.

Christmas Eve Mass refers to any Mass starting on 24 December from 2.30pm to 11.59pm.

Please note that each person is only allowed to book either Christmas Eve (24 Dec) or a Christmas Day (25 Dec) Mass, and not both. This is to allow as many people as possible to come for Christmas Mass.

Christmas Eve/Day Mass Schedules

Friday, 24 Dec - 9.00pm (Fully vaccinated/PET only)

Friday, 24 Dec - 11.00pm

Saturday, 25 Dec - 10.00am (Fully vaccinated/PET only)

Saturday, 25 Dec - 12.00pm

Please be gracious to cancel your booking early if you are unable to attend so that other people can have a chance to book the cancelled slots.

Please book at